Feeling shame

I feel intense shame for something I did at work. I spent some time processing the shame, but I don’t yet see my actions as neutral.

C: Human 1 shared words with me about a topic. I shared those words with Human 2. Human 1 is aware of those words and said: “I don’t understand why you shared this information.”

Thought download:
That was so dumb of me to do
I am going to lose her trust.
This was a major mistake.
I am so naive.
I can’t keep my mouth shut.
This has happened before.
This was completely preventable and I fucked up.
I’m afraid to go to work tomorrow
I’m so naive
I am forgetting my place

All of these thoughts cause feelings of shame, because I believe that I did something wrong. I know that I am human, and make mistakes… I don’t believe that I made this mistake from a negative place. However, it doesn’t look very mature.