feeling stuck

What came up for me today on my thought download is that I feel stuck. In Self Coaching Scholars, I am taking one step forward and then two steps back. I want to use April to build momentum. I am going to repeat the “New Belief” work as part of my Daily Plan. I did it sporadically last month and want to make it a daily practice because I found it very helpful when I did do it.

In my regular daily thought download today, the thought, “I am stuck” came up.

Here are my models:
C Life – current body, eating and drinking
T I am stuck
F Discouraged
A Overeat and overdrink
R Stay stuck

C Life – current body, eating and drinking
T “Stuck” is just a thought I can change
F somewhat more motivated
A follow daily plan
R get unstuck

I was having some trouble with a more motivating new thought.

Any suggestions?

I am NOT giving up.