Feeling Vs Ignoring

Hi, I have some question about let the negative feeling release or I found it when I ignore it I am more productive. The exact example is I need to study for 10h /d. But after a couple of hours my mind says it is boring let’s do something else. At this time I let the thought n feeling comes out but I am not able to stop it since it is going on and distracts me at the end. I found it when I don’t listen to that and try to not sit with it, I study better. I know it is there but I don’t want to pay attention to it. There is still a little feeling of fear with me about if I let that thought comes out it will distract me but because I am able to study better I think maybe it work better than feel the feelings.I can remember Brooke said before That she told herself about not beating up herself again and stop it and period. Do you think my situation is the same? For indulging thought it is better to ignore! Thanks