Feelings Vs Sensations

Id love some coaching around feelings and sensations.
I am experiencing a lot of emotions that feel like sensations. Anxiety (fear) upset and anger.
Actually feeling – ill in the stomach (for sure because of thoughts that I am having ) but it feels so physical.

I am really working my models – and I am clear it’s from my brain.
I am allowing and watching and observing thoughts – but it is manifesting in a physical way. I have had these feelings all week.
I had a conflict with my brother – and I knew I was angry and hurt at what he wasn’t being :0
I was aware that I had to sit with this feeling – I couldn’t find a new or bridge thought – but the feeling really manifested in what I would describe as a sensation. Eventually, after what felt like a long week – I was able to see I was suffering because I was trying to control the C, and the feeling/sensation started to dissipate. Thanks, Brooke – I’d love to hear your thoughts.