Feelings, when is a feeling no longer useful?

Hello and thank you Brooke. Yes, I agree with you, you are creating value in the world and as a result, your students are too!!!! 😊 Thank you❣️
Ok I was doing a TDL and processing the feelings along the way in order to go deeper in to the issue. The feeling of rejection lead into self-pity which then led into embarrassment. So I asked why am I embarrassed? The answer was Because I have self-pity in me. Then the feeling of judgement came up which turned into condemnation and I stopped feeling cuz it didn’t seem useful but rather distructive. So I asked Why judge? Self pity is a feeling available to humans and you are human. Because you are a human Feel the self pity to digest it, you are not wollowing in it.
Did I do this correctly? Am I missing something?
Thank you