Finding my future at 55 part 2 & 3 posting my results

thank you for your prompt response THATS AWESOME!!! I did as you said and wrote out the facts which were.
I got married at 20 years old
I have 2 children
I am sober
I know how to support others.

Helped everyones life run smoother to the detriment of myself.
I became depressed and found wine.
They went on with there lives and left me with a gaping hole.
I have no experience.
Finances were not what I was told.
I need to find a way to support myself.
Im so lost.
I dont know where to look.
Is my dream of becoming a coach out of reach?

C – I am 55 years old
T- I didn’t look out for myself
F – Lost, overwhelmed
A- No action, paralyzed with fear of future.
R- Im an unskilled 55 year old woman with no savings.

ok well thats AWESOME. How can this help move me forward? Or did I even do it right?

Thanks I look forward to your response. 🙂

I put your two responses together – here’s your Part 3

OMG ok I just listened to the model in the Bonus Box. Now I see you have to rewrite it with other thoughts. I was trying to figure it out with just the original Duh.

C – I am 55 years old
T – I have time to still have a good life
F – Relieved
A – Relax and explore options of employment
R- Find something I love to do