Finding security in uncertainty.

Hi Brooke. My boyfriend and I have been on and off again for nearly a decade. In the last two years he has struggled terribly with his health and has been bed ridden for the past 10 months. His family and I have moved into a house together to support him and act as caregivers. Recently, we brought a new nurse in to help care for him and his brothers joked about how to keep that relationship platonic. I found it really upsetting and have tried to model my way to a better thought, but don’t feel I’ve quite reached it. I think there may be something deeper I need to resolve in my mind to move forward with ease. There is uncertainty here because he and I have not committed to a future together, although we acknowledge our love and connection. I also feel old pangs of jealousy or insecurity and want to get to the root of that so I can show up as my best self. I would love your coaching help with this.