My first month, focusing on overeating and goal weight

I finally joined SCS in October after listening to podcasts and scholars calls for 3 months. I previously went from 250 to 160 pounds and maintained ~170 for nearly 3 years. 2015 and 2016 were particularly difficult and I spent this time buffering and not dealing with my thoughts or emotions. I took the step to get the “data” and weighed myself today. 233.8 pounds.

I began writing thought downloads last week and am going to focus on taking one thought a day and putting it into the model. I am focusing on buffering, stop overeating videos and as of today created my protocol and started my food journal. For the first ten days of October, I am feeling accomplished at making the commitment. and getting this far.

Taking a look at the questions I find that for my height of 5’3″ your recommendation is 118. Losing half my body weight (116 pounds) is now my new compelling goal. What suggestions do you have on how I can move from my current weight and where should I set intermediate goals? Example: I’m considering a goal for 12/31/2017 (82 days) and trying to determine what is reasonable as a goal to set.