First SCS goal – weighing 126 lbs. Second goal to become a successful entrepreneur.

Dear Brooke,
I joined SCS in January with the goal of weighing 126 pounds. I’m half-way there at 13 pounds lost. I feel great! I’ve implemented many of your strategies and am refining them as needed to break through plateaus. I am super excited about April’s work! I love planning, but you take it to another level and I’m so energized to incorporate your work into my life! Many thanks for helping us all learn this work and be able to apply it to ourselves in every aspect of our lives.

Apologies for the length of this, but here’s where I need the help this month….

I’ve just read through the April notebook where you ask us to choose a goal. Of course I’m continuing my weight work, but I’d like to have April’s goal be my secondary goal when I joined SCS, which is to become a successful entrepreneur. First question – is it ok to add a focus on a second goal for this month’s work?

Re: becoming a successful entrepreneur – for me the big question is with what?

My work background: finance, business, graduated from top MBA program in 2000. Stayed home with 3 kids who are now young teenagers. During my time at home I’ve explored some small entrepreneurial endeavors (created a website), and have had several personal projects where I’ve been hyper focused and gotten things done! I’ve also been on our town’s school board and learned through that how much I love education and education policy. My family annually visits a school in Latin America to work with them on projects and with the kids. I love that. I love involving my kids.

I also love international travel, Latin America, speaking Spanish, quotes, research, hard work outs, taking classes, learning, healthy food. I wish I had created Pinterest or TripAdvisor.

I’ve been a person who enjoys getting out of my comfort zone – whether it’s getting beyond a fear of public speaking by putting myself in the situation again and again, or substitute teaching when I’d never done it before, traveling to far-off places very different than the US or taking a painting class (when I have little artistic talent). I read a quote about how getting out of your comfort zone is where the magic happens, and I truly believe it.

I’ve listened to your Massive Action, Do Goals and How to Create Passion podcasts (and most of the others), and I love listening to NPRs How I Built This podcast – so inspirational! I’ve been told by others that I’m a “connector” ala Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point.

Re: a compelling reason I want to be an entrepreneur – it energizes me! The idea of working for myself, or long hours on something I love is absolutely what I want. I love building and creating! I also want to show to my children what it means to be an entrepreneur and would be thrilled if they were involved in the business with me.

The BIG issue – I don’t have an idea.
I go through my days encountering thoughts of “what about this, what about that” but nothing sticks, nothing inspirational has come, nothing seems innovative enough.

Some thoughts I have had – importing/exporting products to/from Latin countries, building a school in Latin America, creating an international travel company focused on teens (there are so many already), creating a healthy food product. In an ideal world, I’d actually want to create and make a product.

I will also add that during March’s daily work, my thought was “I weigh 126 pounds and I am confident, strong, focused and generous.” My advice from my future self was along the lines of “Once you arrive at 126, you will have honed your focus and determination. Through that work, your entrepreneurial idea will come.” Recently I saw a new product in the grocery store. A bowl of chopped up veggies to cook, with a sauce that is a fast-food, healthy option for people like me. I wish I’d thought of that!

Would you give me some guidance on where to go from here? If my April goal is to become a successful entrepreneur, can you help me determine some Massive Action steps to get me started? (PS the M.A. step I wrote down was to write you this letter – done!)

Thank you so much!