First time using the model–Thought Patterns/Follow-Up

So a few more questions. So for my intention thought pattern should I be working to get the feeling I want, a feeling I desire? Or am I working to recognize that the fact that my feeling may be uncomfortable, but my actions and results are to make peace in my body and mind with that fact?

Would my Intentional Thought Pattern been more on track if I had completed it this way?

C: At some time in their life, most people experiences physical discomfort/illness
T: What I am feeling as a result of my illness, it is normal and expected and will pass with time and care
F: Safe
A; Focus on Self Care
R: Feel peaceful where I am at and work on taking the best possible care of myself.

and as far as finishing the previous model:

C: I have had several medical conditions/occurrence over the last 6 months
T: I want to give myself time to heal, discomfort is sometimes part of healing
F: anxious
A; Tachycardia, panic, room spinning, unable to breathe, feeling like I need to escape my body
R: Feel worse and more uncomfortable.

Thanks for helping me! I also signed up for my 10 minute session with Rachael.

Thank you again,