Sorry about the repetition, you have probably responded to this question many times. Each month brings a new and interesting subject to study. I am especially interested in the How to feel better, money series and weight loss series. Most of my time is spent in the Assets section of this site. I have a tendency to be ADD. I jump from one subject to another. If I focus on one subject at a time I think I will miss what’s happening currently. All this to say that the subjects changing month to month is a new shinny object. How do you focus on one when so many are interesting? How do you get the full benefit of so much? What I really need/want to do is lose weight, but I also want to grow my business and I want to stop procrastinating and I want to approach each day with excitement and anticipation instead of fear of pending doom. Wow! Where to focus? If I focus on one, will it be at the expense of all others? I have an awesome, supportive husband of 40 years, a loving, fun family, a very successful business. In my perspective, the one thing left to work on is my weight.(The pending doom thing is important also, tax accountants fear of IRS notices) If I focus on that will I miss the benefit of the SCS experience?