Where to focus first: Improve marriage or tackle overeating?

Hi Brooke-
I just joined after nearly a year of listening to the podcast and doing the work solo. I have a wonderful life, but I want to evolve to the next level in regards to my marriage and finally controlling my overeating. Through much thought work I have determined that I spend a large majority of my time obsessing over my weight/food resulting in time/resources not being placed into my marriage (which is in a solid B+ range but why not make it an A). The only time I have ever experienced a lack of desire to eat was a 5 day period when I focused my thought work intently on my thoughts about my husband/marriage….it was amazing the positivity that came out of that time. But after 5 days I felt like I ran out of material to explore & began to dwell on the food issues and now I’m back on the rollercoaster of committing/ binging. This leaves me a shell of myself and takes a toll on my role as wife and mother. So May’s upcoming relationship course sealed the deal for me, but should I be working the overeating material in conjunction with my marriage work or just concentrate on improving my marriage? Honestly, I can’t see my marriage being able to be its best without me loosing my overeating desire, but right now I can’t even fathom a life without sugar & flour. I am tired of wasting all this energy crawling out of the hole the put me in. Thanks!