follow up on feeling stuck

Here are my models using “stuck” in the F line. For my new model I put “committed” in the F line because I don’t want to use this as an excuse to give up.

C: SCS overdrinking and weight goals
T: I am not making progress
F: stuck
A: Don’t follow through on commitments
R: Don’t make progress

C: SCS overdrinking and weight goals
T: I have made a lot of choices to follow through since starting. I can learn from my choices not to follow through to understand my challenges and build momentum.
F: Committed
A: Make daily plan and follow through
R: Learn and make progress.

The new model definitely helps but I think where I am struggling is in my belief that I can build momentum. I really have learned a lot and made lots of choices that support my goals. But a long held belief I have is that I need to be perfect and never make mistakes. Once I make a choice not in support of my goals, I use it as an excuse to continue not to follow through for a few days at a time.

I am using my new belief work from last month to envision myself coming back here to say, “I made A LOT of mistakes but I never gave up, found my groove and reached my goals.”

Any insights that could be helpful?