Follow up Q to 20 out of 100 spaces question

Hi Brooke,
Thank you for pointing out that the C is that I have filled 20 out of 100 spaces in my course, and the thought that that’s a problem is a Thought!
I tried the new thought of “I’ll fill 100 spaces no matter what”, but it makes me feel like I have to hard sell, and then I feel uninspired. I notice that “I have to hard sell” is also a thought.
So I tried to work backward from the Feeling I wanted to have, which is loved, expansive and empowered. So the T would be “I would do everything I can to promote from my heart and a place of love”. A: Remember my mission and how my course helps people and brainstorm ideas to get this message across to people. R: Accept outcome and teach class from a place of love and gratitude.
What do you think? Would love to hear your feedback.
Thank you.