Follow Up: Coach Response to “Holding myself accountable for my own happiness”

As a response to my earlier post, where a coach said: We know this because if it was the circumstance, the guy, creating the joy, every single person that interacts with him would be experiencing the same emotion as you. What are some of your thoughts that are creating the joy?”

Some thoughts that create joy for me:
1. I love seeing plays – they are so magical
2. I love traveling and exploring new things
3. Meeting new people and pet dogs is calming for me – dogs bring me so much joy

And the thoughts I have around the guy I’m dating bringing me joy:
1. He is so attractive to me
2. We have the most amazing sex
3. It feels so good to be with him
4. I feel safe and warm when he touches/holds me

But then I find myself getting consumed by him which I’m trying not to do and am trying to work through with the Power of Emotion lesson.

Can I get some feedback on the below? I’m not sure if I’m doing it right:
Dominant feeling yesterday – exhaustion
Why? I did not sleep well and told myself I did not want to go to work.
1 Thing I want to accomplish today: be present in my work
What emotion to fuel this action: focused
How can I generate this emotion: This is where I’m not sure what to write. I have down – tell myself: I am great at my job, I am productive, I get things done, I make a lot of money, my work is a joy and a pleasure (I don’t believe the joy and pleasure part)