Follow up gym model question.

I would like to get some clarification.
I didn’t realize that when we do our unintentional and intentional models, that the circumstances could change.
This was the (wonderful) response I got from my gym model question but I noticed that the circumstance has changed.
Thank you. I’m new to this and I’m feeling unsure and want to better grasp and understand how to do the model and self coach.

C Went to old gym 2 weeks ago
T I’m scared of checking out the new gym that is closer to home
F scared
A don’t go to new gym, think about old gym, don’t work out
R I don’t figure out a way to continue working out

C New gym
T I look forward to taking care of myself by going to the gym
F excited
A check out the new gym, start to work out again and create a consistent workout schedule
R I take great care of myself by consistently going to the new gym