Follow Up – Living from Abundance

Follow up on my most recent question “living from abundance” — is it essentially just being grateful for what you already have? I wrote the list of 25 things half of which I already have and it felt like just listing what I am grateful for (and what I would want for my life). Surprisingly it made me realize I already have so much of what I want and most everything that I need, does this mean I am on the right track?

I was a little confused by the part of the answer “You know you are doing it from a place of abundance when feelings of fear, doubt, and perhaps shame come up” — am I supposed to feel shame about not feeling grateful before? Because when I wrote the list it made me feel happy, but I also blamed myself for not realiizng this before or perhaps not being grateful for what I have.

Please let me know if I’m on the right track with the abudance/grateful analogy and if they are essentially the same thing and if not, what’s the difference?