Found the post on parenting in April- it was called Parenting Awareness in case anybody wants to reference. Great stuff in that answer!

Why is chocolate (dark more than 80%) not considered a joy eat and possible to include daily?

For some of the relationship coaching, I noticed you find a lot of similarities in people we are in conflict with and ourselves. In the homework on my first person, I genuinely notice that what I don’t like are qualities that I DO NOT have. I circled two out of my long laundry list that I recognize in myself. What if what you don’t like really isn’t a reflection back onto yourself? I’m not saying that my poop doesn’t stink, but there are not a lot of similarities. Anything of note here or just keep going with the process?

Finally, I posted about 4 kids and not finding that much extra time after the scheduling month. Yes, I can do the work and care for our kids and don’t NEED a nanny, but once I do that work, there is not a decent chunk of time left to work on starting a business. Baby steps are what I have time for and much of what I do get done is through multi-tasking which you do not recommend.

Loving this month’s content….THANK YOU SO MUCH!