Food plan

I’ve listened to Brooke’s coaching on weight loss and I’m also listening to Corinne Crabtree’s podcast. In both of their rules, they mention writing down what you plan to eat for the day. I’ve really been trying to do this, but my mind keeps saying, “How on earth are you supposed to know what you want to eat for the day and if you’ll really want to eat that?” I tried writing down the plan for the day for 4 days. I felt so depressed about it and the eating was joyless. I actually ditched the written plan because after writing all the food down, I wasn’t wanting to eat that food. Unlike Brooke, I cannot eat the same meals daily. Food is a source of creativity and joy for me. Also, I live in a vegetarian household, so cutting flour is not really an option. There is little to eat when carbs are eliminated from the plan and I can’t subsist on salads all the time – I get too hungry and then I binge on something not healthy just to abate the hunger.

C: Writing down food plan
T: There is no way this will work for me
F: Resistant
A: Try to eat on the plan, feel bored, decide to eat something else, beat myself up for not sticking to the plan, tell myself I’ll never lose the last ten pounds and maybe it’s better to work on loving the body I have now and forget about losing the weight, tell myself vegetarians will always be hungry if they cut out flour, decide I don’t want to cut out flour, tell myself I’ll never lose weight without doing the plan without flour and sugar, binge on sugar, tell myself I’ll never be able to stick to a food plan, repeat daily, feel confused about weight loss
R: Don’t lose weight