Food Pusher

Lol I love the term “food pusher” right now, I have no idea why. Now that I think about it, it probably doesn’t serve me. Anyways, my boyfriend LOVEs eating fun foods like ice cream and things that are just not super healthy for you. However, I’ve been trying to do no sugar, no flour and no alcohol. For the 4th of July my boyfriend was 100% balls to the wall pushing food and alcohol on me. He would get sooooo upset when I was like no I’m going to have a water or a coffee and I just wanted fruit and a salad when they were bbqing. I ended up giving in and eating a brat, having a titos and water, sushi, and then ended the evening with ice cream. He’ll even buy me food when I say please don’t, I’m not going to eat that. Then I feel bad that he’s purchased the food and then he sets it in front of me and gets mad if I don’t eat it.

I woke up feeling resentful and frustrated with him and myself. I noticed that when I’m in the moment I blame it all on him and so as I was doing the homework this morning I was trying to put this all in a good light which it was. I got to have my two favorite foods (ice cream and sushi) spent time with my love and on the beach. The day was wonderful. But I was like girl needs to do a model on this because we need to stop letting others dictate who I am. It isn’t just situations with my boyfriend where I feel pressure to drink or eat things I don’t want, it’s with friends and colleagues as well. Here are my models, my intentional thought is rather long and was wondering if you had tips?

Unintentional Model:
C: Other people, food & alcohol
T: I need to eat this food and drink alcohol or else my boyfriend/friend/colleague will be upset/sad/mad with me for not eating or drinking
F: Guilty
A: Eat unhealthy foods that I don’t normally eat, drink alcohol, buffer, inaction
R: Feel shitty, look bad

Intentional Model:
C: Other people, food & alcohol
T: I choose what to put into my body, no one else can force me to eat or drink anything I don’t want to. The way they react to my action has nothing to do with me and everything to do with them.
F: Powerful
A: workout, drink and eat healthy things that serve my body, meditate, do models
R: healthy and happy me

Thank you for all your help!