“Foodie’ regret

Hello Brooke and team,
I really identified with your other scholar who wrote about her sadness at her foodie identity slipping away. Everyone I have told about my new eating plan has immediately answered with ‘but you love cooking and baking!’. My new answer as of this week is ‘I do. But I love feeling this way more’. And that’s the truth. Now that my flour and sugar habit is kicked, I don’t need to be baking and cooking all the time as I was before. I baked a lot of Easter treats with my kids last weekend and was absolutely non-conflicted, I didn’t need to be licking bowls, ‘tasting’ and in general using shenanigans to eat.
Thanks for all that you do, Brooke. I’ve gotten emotional a few times in the last weeks thinking about how different things might have been had I learned all these last months years ago. But then I remember that I’m exactly where I’m suppposed to be and that everything has happened exactly as it should have. I wouldn’t have taken this massive action had I allowed my weight to spiral so out of control. So yes, I totally see that coming very heavy may have been one of the best things that has ever happened to me.
A fan