Forgetting – lp

Okay, I just realized this is a thing that I’m creating with my mind.
I’ve had a pattern of feeling like I’m forgetting something, feeling overwhelmed and scattered and trying different sorts of calendars and planners to try to stay on top of my work tasks. The planners and calendars never really help though because my thought is either “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do” or “I feel like I’m forgetting something”
C: work tasks
T: I don’t know what I’m supposed to do
F: confused, chaos
A: buffer, try to rely on external reminders, worry, forget, try different calendars/planners or systems
R: My work is out of control

C: work tasks
T: I feel like I’m forgetting something
F: anxious
A: worry, buffer, forget, consider other planners, blame colleague,
R: I don’t like my work experience, out of control work experience

C: forgetting in the past
T: it’s like I can’t get my brain online
F: frustrated
A: consider ADHD meds, research how there might be something wrong with me; worry, beat myself up,
R: brain space taken up by worry and self-loathing

C: work tasks
T: I am handling this
F: certain
A: do everything on schedule, stick to ONE calendar/planner, remember things,
R: confident in myself

C: work tasks
T: if I forget something, then I’ll do it when I remember
F: relief
A: trust, relax
R: greater chance I’ll not forget

C: forgetting in the past
T: I was never supposed to remember that
F: peace
A: forgive myself
R: free up mental space to remember things

I think I could get more specific with these models because these are pretty general, but just wanted to share this because I didn’t realize I was creating this myself