Former Life Coach asking for a referral ..seriously don’t know what to say..

Hi Brooke, I have a situation I need your coaching. Six years ago I hired my first Life Coach. She was a referral from a fitness trainer I was using at the time. I hired this coach two different times for 6 sessions each and really did not get much from this training and it was very unprofessional and more like two people getting together and talking, very expensive gab session at best. The materials given to me were just cutesy slogans you can print off the internet. There was no direction or was just silly. I was seeking a life/ business coach and after learning more about her I realized she was in bad shape financially and had never coached or done anything remotely relating to my needs and she had very little I wanted. later I did hire a terrific life coach and it made so much difference in my life and led me to you. Today out of the blue I get the below request disguised as a favor when I know she only wants to sell me her coaching yet again: How do I respond? My old brain tells me to ignore this but wants to do the right thing..Help me sort this out so I can be kind but firm and discontinue our coaching partnership.
Hi Margaret it’s Coach!
How are you doing! I trust you are doing amazing!
I have a favor to ask you.
What is the one thing or result in working with me that most moved you forward in the area of change you most required?
I am researching what impact I am having in the lives of my clients and students in order to continue to develop as a better Holistic Healing Life Coach. If it’s easier you can email your response
Thank you so much for your time!🙏