Found my thought! part 2

What would love do? Love would accept. Love would understand. Love would be patient. Love would forgive. Love would respect. Love would be kind.
So is this then a conscious decision?
I am aware that I don’t have to change my daughter. I am choosing to accept my daughter. I am choosing to be kind to my daughter. I am choosing to love my daughter?
Is that the new direction I am directing my thoughts to?

And it’s the same towards myself right? I have a lot of self judgements – that I am a terrible Mum. Let’s find an example – this is a good one – a very circular self beating thought. I am a working Mum and sometimes I have to stay late and finish my job and I feel guilty to not spend more time with my kids.
C- Last night I came home at 8pm
T- I am not present enough for my kids
F- Shame
A- Blame myself, ate a lot of rice crackers after I came home in the kitchen and kids were in the lounge
R- I am not fully present with my kids even after I’m home

What would love do? Accept and understand myself. That I am giving my best to look after my patients. To look after my kids. and I don’t need to shame and blame myself.