Frank Kern

Hi Brooke,

I try to be the best student and do everything you say. So since joining in October, I’ve been doing my homework daily, I’m almost up to date with the Entrepreneur training. And as you suggested Claire, I’ve downloaded her stuff and I have figured out the basics of Facebook ads, and started experimenting with it.

Now you have spoken so highly about Frank Kern in your last podcast, I want to ask you if you think I’m ready for his Inner Circle because it is quite an investment for me, as I am just starting out in my business.

I have a new art business, with two arms. I sell paintings, and I also sell art courses. With selling paintings, I’ve just started to get some traction since becoming a FB auction group regular contributor in September. Here I only make a few hundreds a month so far. But that’s enough to cover what I pay for Scholars (as I’ve made a commitment to pay for it from my art income). The art course side is even newer. I have some affiliate courses which I’m guest teaching to promote, which made me also a few hundred last month. My first solo course that I developed, and have a more established artist to host (so she promote for me and takes a commission) was first launched in October, and generated just less than two thousand.

So as you can see, my art business is very new. Do you think I’m ready to join his Inner Circle program, or better wait till I’m more established. And if it’s not for me, what’s your recommendation for learning how to write better copies?

Thank you!