Frazzled feeling models

Hello, my focus this month is on time management and Monday Hour One. I’m really enjoying doing lots of work on this. I’m learning a lot.

Of course, problems remain and it’s a work in progress. Can I check today’s models? This will help me clarify what to bring to tomorrow’s 20 min coaching. I’ve got one unintentional model today & one intentional.

(start with F)
C: yesterday Wednesday at work I added a number of things on my ‘ongoing to do list’ throughout the day
T: jobs keep piling up! the to do list is expanding during the week despite my great Monday hour one work
F: frazzled
A: multitasking is the main action in response. I keep switching from one thing to another. Email just happens all the time – whenever. Even now while writing this model (and thought download before) I switch to looking at phone – just did a doodle poll for a meeting we need to arrange. Checking my phone storage. Then back here etc. This worsens and deepens the frazzled feeling. There is also a lack of clarity in my actions about where to start / what to prioritise / what next / which ones of these new things is a priority and has to be tackled urgently? Despite having that clarity at the start of the week, it seems I’ve partly lost it due to things piling up.
R: longer and more unclear to do list, less clarity, more of a frazzled feeling

(intentional model, start with R)
C: Thursday morning, calendar set out already from Monday hour one
T: My calendar is clear for today, I know what needs to be done. There’s plenty of time.
F: calm. Not frazzled
A: followed calendar – NOT looking at additional to do list. One thing at a time, avoid switching between things. Putting phone aside when I’m doing other things – even in other room! Bring some of these things to coaching tomorrow. Think of system of where to collect random to dos that come up & how to prioritise – trust in that system.
R: went through my day calmly, not feeling frazzled.