Freeing Ourselves From Desire Management

When it comes to over desire for flour and sugar, I understand that if I have a desire it’s because I taught my brain to desire these foods.
I understand it’s a choice and that Brooke says it can be unlearned.

Recently though, I read two books that refer to certain things in our modern day environment that were manipulated and created specifically in order to give us a huge dopamine hit and that our brains aren’t actually dealing well with these quantities of stimulation.
Among other things were mentioned: online shopping, highly processed foods, alcohol, drugs and porn, just to name a few.

Since we are predisposed to desire these things, it actually makes sense that if we don’t want to allocate brain juice to monitoring our desire throughout our lives, that we actually cut all these things out completely.
While there’s a lot of work to do upfront to unlearn the desire, it sounds like it could be actually very peaceful and liberating to remove these things for good.

You suggest planning cheat days and exceptions and protocols.
The identity of “I never smoke” “I never watch porn” “I never do drugs” “I never eat flour and sugar” sound almost like the best way to optimize my brain and focus its juice on the things that matter the most.

Is that something that SCS doesn’t recommend?