Freelance Writing as a Business

Hi Brooke and Company and Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate! I just watched the How to Entrepreneur video and I’m wondering how I can apply what Brooke discusses to my life/business. So, my dream is to have my own freelance writing business. I currently have one client, who I consistently over-deliver to, as Brooke suggests. I happily go above and beyond. Other than that, I’m figuring out how to sell myself. Brooke says to offer a product that no one else does, but can I consider my writing a product? It’s really more of a service. I need to figure out my target market and where to find them. If not for SCS, I would be totally indulging in overwhelm and confusion right now, but notice I said “figure out” instead of I don’t know:) That’s a big step for me!
Any insights or suggestions you can offer me?
Thank you!