Friend who complains endlessly when we hang out

I have a good friend that complains about her b.f., her weight, her “lack of time” to get things done. I’m super inspired by how this coaching program has helped me and I genuinely want to help her but don’t want to inadvertently end up “coaching” her all the time.

I decided to ask “do you just want me to listen or do you just want my advice” moving forward, but listening only is somewhat dull and makes me want to make better use of my time and be around folx that are inspiring.

When she says “I want your advice” I try to get her to do a model without framing it as such.

C: Friend complains and asks for advice
T: I can help you if you truly want the help!
F: empowered
A: we talk, do models together
R: Friend continues to complain and ask for advice

C: Friend complains and asks me to listen
T: This is not what I want to be doing right now
F: bored (insert eye roll)
A: endure, listen
R: question whether this is a good person for me to be around?