Hi Brooke,
I notice that I have a lot of anxiety (thoughts) in social situations. Now I used to be a VERY social person back in my younger days and would talk to anyone at any time. I now feel afraid to talk to people and worry what they think of me. I am aware that I buffer before going to social events, consuming tons of food prior to going and then once I am there. I eat sugary snacks. Never realized that I did this to buffer until your class so it is nice to be aware of it. Long story short, I am watching the buffering however I still act weird around people (especially this one friend of mine who seems to have it all together and appears to be perfect). I love this friend but feel like I “act” around her. I then act weird and needy. Ugh! That’s the exact opposite of what I want to come off as.
So my question is….do I tell her what’s going on with me? Apologize for acting “weird” or just try to fix thoughts?