Friendships and Coaching

A few of my friends went through a coaching program together back in 2011.
I now want to train at The Life Coach School because I can see a stark difference that I’d love to learn such as how to coach using The Model, how to be totally compassionate while also holding neutral space, and teaching concepts so clearly with such love and empowerment for all, to name of few 😉
I’m wondering, though, if you’d be willing to share with me your list of “same and different” when it comes to “being a friend” and “being a coach.”
I do not want to coach my friends, unless they wanna pay me of course 😉
And I don’t want them to coach me unless I ask/pay.
Of course thoughts enter our minds like, “that thought is something to be coached on or looked at more deeply” but, as a friend I see myself judging that as “rude” but also wondering if it’s anything like, “friends don’t let friends drive drunk.” But if we think our friend is “not aware” for example, isn’t that just a judgement/thought that might not even be true? How could I possibly know what’s best for my friend, or them know for me? I just want to love them. And I really want to love all of myself.
I want to be a great friend and I want to have great friends.
I remember hearing Brooke mention the difference between being a friend and being a coach and I’d love to hear more about that.
Thank you for your insight and experience on the matter 😀