I understand that there is natural sugar in fruit and that Brooke recommends “no sugar”, but in some of the things I’ve heard her say, it seems like it’s ok to include fruit on your protocol. Can you help me understand the way that eating fruit (oranges, bananas, apples, grapefruit, etc.) affects your insulin level and therefore your body’s use of fat stores? Is there any difference to your body between eating something that is clearly processed sugary food (candy, chocolate bars, etc.) and eating fruit? Does it use the sugar in these foods differently or is it all the same? I do have some confusion around the whole “what is sugar” question… I get it that refined, processed sugar/food is not good for me and I don’t need it. But are there sugars that are good or even acceptable? So there’s fruit, but I also wonder about honey and maple syrup. Are there occasions when these are ok? AND, Brooke doesn’t seem to consider artificial sweeteners problematic, but I can’t imagine that they’re good for us. Can you help me with all of this confusion around sugar…?