future model clarification

I asked a question and got a great and partially helpful answer about intentional models. The phenomenon to which I’m attempting to refer goes like this; here is an example of two actual models and part of my circumstance is unique because I can’t control my health.

Here’s two actual models about trying to get ready to finish up a trip today and tomorrow. I am new at practicing the model every day so I’m sure it comes down to getting to know the model better and I welcome advice!

Circumstances- I have a lot cleaning up and packing to do.
Thoughts- I am tired and I have too much to do to leave the place clean without tiring myself out.
Feelings- overwhelm, fear
Actions- I will do my best to pack and clean up with my family’s help tomorrow.
Result- everything probably will be fine

Circumstances- I am tired and need good sleep. We have a tour of the parsonage at 10:30 and breakfast at 8:30. I need a shower in the morning.
Thoughts- I need better rest and I wanted to sleep in. Going out to breakfast sounds really fun. I hope I can sleep well.
Feelings-overwhelm, fear
Actions- I will get up early joyfully and enjoy my early morning time.
Results- I may be tired but I will get to do something fun with my family, tour the parsonage, and can rest later. I may have very hard parts of the day that I will choose to experience joyfully.

Are these actions and results my intentions? There is so much I can control, but unfortunately my health and exhaustion are a circumstance presently otherwise my results would say: I will clean with gusto and leave the apartment pristine and my packing done perfectly. Does that make sense?