After listening to your podcast about Generosity I really adapted this concept and practice in my life. The most impactful concept was not to let people borrow money, ever. So whenever family Members would ask for money, I would give it to them, happily. Recently my husband let his brother borrow money to pay his bills, a large amount. I was furious with my husband because the money was out of our savings. So in my eyes we didn’t have the money. I never want to give out of sacrifice. I want to give out of my overflow. So now I’m filled with resentment towards someone I love and respect deeply, my brother-in-law. My thought is how could he make such a financial request of our family. The other side of this is that, I’m pissed at myself that we didn’t have the money to just GIVE to him. Pissed that I need that money back. Pissed that I wasn’t prepared for a situation like this. Maybe I’m just resentful because I was taken off guard. How can I move past this resentment? Should I just see this as a one-time mistake on my husband’s & myself’s part and move on, never to let someone borrow from us again? Or resolve that the error may have started with me in not communicating effectively with my husband of my expectations when it comes to being generous?