Gettin’ sh!t done model

Unintentional Model
C: 2019-2020 Schedule
T: I’m setting myself up to fail with all these commitments
F: anxious/uncertain
A: indulge in ambivalence
R: buffer and don’t use my available time to take steps necessary to set myself up for success

Intentional Model A
C: 2019-2020 Schedule
T: I am in charge of my experience this year
F: anxious
A: ruminate about whether or not I’m making the right decisions
R: continue to buffer and stay stuck

Intentional Model B
C: 2019-2020 Schedule
T: “I’m not doing anything this year unless I’m having fun, and I’m in charge of creating the fun.” (Thanks BC)
F: Excited
A: Start thinking about how to shift my mindset around “stress”, “busyness”, and “seriousness” (Can y’all help me come up with a better A?)
R: ?