Getting More Consults

Hi, I just had my 20 min session and we coached on reaching my goal for signing 10 coaching clients by November. We broke down the goal into smaller chunks so that my daily goal is to reach 10 new people a day. So far I’ve had 5 people reach out to me for consults and 3 of them were from my podcast while 2 were from meetup workshops I run once a week. I enjoy doing both the podcast and the meetup and want to continue them. My coach said the podcast is passive and doesn’t count as making offers.

Now as I sit down and try to figure out how to reach people other than through my podcast and meetup group, I’m feeling discouraged.

My thought is I have limited time and if I spend time trying to reach people in new ways (Facebook groups, Instagram) I won’t have the time to work on my podcast or workshops. Plus I don’t enjoy doing either of those things as much.

My question is, how do I need to change my thinking here? Right now I’m thinking there’s not enough time in my day to work on the podcast, the meetup and try and meet 10 new people through other avenues. The podcast and meetup have brought consults in, so I don’t want to stop doing them. But am I missing something here?

Thank you!