Getting to a specific number on the scale, versus focusing on overall wellbeing…

Hello Brooke!
First of all, I freaking love you. Im a coach myself, and I consider you my continuing education… AND my coach 🙂 The day I found your podcast is a day I should celebrate every year. This is my jam. I could go on, but I’ll get to the point.

I overcame food. It was the love of my life and the hardest battle I fought. Until I took 100% responsibility, refused to accept I had a ‘disease’, refused to shame myself, and learned how to manage my brain and my emotions, NOTHING worked. So everything you teach in that respect makes me jump for joy and it should be required knowledge. And even though I am a total math geek – I agree that what you teach is more important than trig… 🙂

With our friend that was getting coached on the June 5th call, she was so obsessed with a number. I am wondering your opinion on this: Is it possible, that our friend is wasting her energy trying to get to a number that may not be in the cards for her?

You told her that she was buffering by obsessing about numbers, and to just do one thing. Yay. But how do you know when you might be dealing with someone who is really disordered about their eating and obsessing, or who might be trying to maintain an unrealistic ideal? She is 51 and doesn’t have the body she did before… And seems to be at a very reasonable weight. I thought I’d hear you say “So what?” LOL.. Healthy weights can be within a certain window, right? Certainly one that would allow for being between, for example, 120-135lbs for that woman’s height… What if her restriction backfires to binge eating? Do you encounter this?

I love that you told her to deal with the body image issue. So so true for all of us.

So in telling her to stick to something, and not change it for 90 days… If she came back to you in 90 days and said “I haven’t lost a pound”, then would you say, ‘welcome to your new weight my friend, and let’s talk about what’s going on with you accepting it?”

I am not about fat acceptance. I am not about body positivity if it means normalizing obesity. But I do believe we may need to stop focusing on specific numbers if they are making us crazy. Just focusing on habits, and trusting that the habits (stop eating too much, too often, and sugar and junk and yada yada) will get us to our ideal weight where sustaining doesn’t feel like mental torture… that’s what Im about.

Can you tell me what your thoughts are on this business about weighing and numbers?

Thanks so much!