Getting talked about

I am one of 4 siblings. My mom has been living with me since lock-down. We took her out of Assisted Living to keep her safe. Now we have decided to move her into her own apartment. Most of the details are falling on me, as are the day to day care for her. I reach out to my siblings via text when decisions need to be made, and have a dialogue. This way I am not making all the decisions and have some support. Today, I texted the group asking for ideas because we found out the backyard has landscape plants toxic to dogs and I am worried about my mom’s dog ingesting it. After I sent the text, I received a text from one sister to the other making it obvious the text was meant for the other sister and that they were complaining that I was texting the group with another aspect of the move. I am really struggling as I rely on their support and opinions and don’t want to become bitter and resentful. How could I think about this in a way to serve me rather than wreck me?