Gift giving and feelings of abundance

Ho Brooke,
I have been working on getting rid of feelings of scarcity and replacing it with abundance.
I want to feel abundant when it comes to gift giving, but what comes up most is the thought the reciever will not like the gift I pick out.
Of course I havr evidence, hahaha…
My wife actually tells me she hates my gifts. She takes them back, throws them out, or most recently donates them ( when we were cleaning our closets).
I know its my manual for her , but how am i supposed to feel abundant and love picking out gifts for her if she hates them all?

C gift giving to wife
T she always hates my gifts
F resentment
A hate picking out gifts for her
R dread the process

I’m not sure where to go from here.
I’ve taken her shopping to buy gifts; I’ve asked her what she wants… not buying gifts is not an option.

Thanks for your help,