On Giving with Non-Attachment – The Sequel

Hi Brooke,

I was the one who asked you a question titled “On Giving with Non-Attachment” and your advice was extremely helpful.

Yesterday the wife of the landlord of the apartment I rent called and thanked me for the poems but in a very reserved way.
I kept thinking that them both get to have the experience they have and I still get to feel so amazing for choosing to write those poems, writing them and giving them as a gift.
Today they invited me for brunch and as we were sitting they said they liked the poems so much that they decided to print them and frame them next to each painting because they convey exactly what the painter had in mind and that they will of course, put my name in the credit.

Once again, they said it in a very reserved way but I felt washed with gratitude and well being.
Just wanted to share with you the unexpected sequel to what seemed like an unfinished story.

That Screenwriter.