Giving up S and F

Hi Brooke,

Just a comment really, I gave up S and F 8 days ago. I have been in SCS for over a year. Stopping and starting. I have not gone longer than 3 days without S and F because of all my stuff. But my plan is to go 30 days no S and F no matter what. I have been compensating by eating more nuts and fats and have been gaining weight. So now I need to work on that. HOWEVER, one unexpected benefit of staying committed to my goal of no S and F is that a few aches and pains in my body are miraculously gone. I cannot believe it! I have had an achy shoulder pain for the last 4 months that wakes me up at night. I also have had a nagging soreness in my leg for even longer. 8 days no S or F and both completely GONE without medication, doctors, extra money for supplements … none of it! Even if I never lose this weight at least I am pain free and for that it is worth it! I am so grateful to SCS for helping me improve my life one mini goal at a time. Now…. onto the overeating…..