Go to thoughts for relationships that find themselves not fluorishing or ending

I am seeking thoughts I want to think for relationships that are not taking off, or that seem to be falling away, or plain old “ended” in the mainstream sort of way.

I believe it is valid to find the thought that works for me uniquely. It can be entirely not mainstream.

I have been working on this for a year digesting every possible way of looking at a loss. Thoughts I have had that involve losing anything bring me pain and then distract me away from the present and future. I know when I think relationships have ended or are over, I feel bad. When I think a relationship has served its purpose or has a shelf life, I feel bad.
I am thinking of accepting this as something that is true for me rather than trying to change it.

So I am thinking of choosing something entirely different.

I like to believe that love lasts for ever and once intimate or close, there is a place in our hearts forever. Possibly there is a place in my heart for everyone always. I personally believe in deep love and attachment and connectedness on a spiritual level. I have that in my heart and soul. So I am thinking I need to honor that, for me…

So I am going to choose not to say goodbye, not to call endings endings, not to call losing people losing people. Whether or not people are in my life and we are enjoying each other is just a circumstance.

can you help me with the model?

C- Z and I are not spending time together and he is living with another woman
T-We will always be connected and loving on a deep level no matter what, regardless of whether we spend time again on the material plane – I never have to say goodbye
F-peaceful, validated, whole
A- think about finding the next loves in my life on the material plane 🙂
R-I will always be connected to others in my life, both spiritually and on the material plane

C- People are not in my life right now
T-I choose not to restrict my thinking based on interpretation of any circumstance- people are not in my life right now, and thats ok
F-open to all possibilities, excited because I am not forcing any interpretations, excited about all possibilities, joy
A- I begin to think about planning my life from a place of joy no matter what circumstance is presenting me, i stay open and positive about all opportunities, I mentally keep my possibilities based on any circumstance, i get to think about my next steps, how i want to show up!
R-Unrestricted life