Goal: $1000

I want my goal to be to earn $1000 because I have not been tending to my budget the past few months and because of moving expenses and quitting my part time job to move to a different town. So the thing I want to create is the money and I see I am wanting to go into confusion about what I will DO to create it. Ideally, I’d start a business. I don’t want to get a part time job (is that entitlement I see there?) I see immediately self-doubt comes up that there’s no way I can create a business and make $1000 in the next 26 days.

What I keep coming back to is that I know how to build websites, I like the mindset aspect of life and I work from home…. I think it’s fear I am unwilling to feel. And failure, embarrassment.

I do want this to be the last month I don’t earn enough to pay my expenses with cash.

Questions I’m asking myself:
How might I make an extra $1000 in the next 26 days?
If I already have everything within me to earn it, what would I do?
What do I already have to offer the world?
If I knew exactly how to make it, what would I do?

What else might I ask myself? Thanks 🙏 excited for this month!