Goal vs Purpose

Hi Brooke and coaches,
Just did my day one of August work. My brain came up with different statements for my purpose
The top two contenders are
1. I want to show myself the amazing things I can create with my mind
2. I want to be an example that it is possible to return to my home country (to live closer to parents and family) and run a 10 million $ business.

I love #1 as purpose and #2 sounds to me like a goal. What do you think ?
The goal is super scary – I don’t know of someone returning back to our home country (in my closed circle) to start a business , let alone be be crazy successful (in terms of money and impact)! This is something I want to try and be an example of what is possible. I don’t have a clear idea of what value will I be providing in my business , I’m exploring that from this month . I am believing we will be ready to leave in 2024 and start our business. My brain freaks out as I write this and says it’s ridiculous to leave United States. I am willing to do the work on my brain to help me and husband take care of our parents as well as run a crazy successful business.
So coming back to homework , I think I can totally achieve this goal if I believe and commit to live my purpose (#1). I’m choosing #1 as my purpose.

Am I doing the homework right ? Any advice for me ?