Goal Weight Celebration!

I joined SCS at the end of December and immediately set a huge goal to lose 40 lbs. Brooke, I thought you were crazy when you said to make it scary and put it on the calendar.

As of today (5/4) I’ve reached my goal! I started at 175 and am now 134.2. At the end of the December I was wearing size 12/14 jeans and yesterday I was shopping and fitting comfortably into sizes 4/6.

To be perfectly honest, when I stepped on the scale this morning my response wasn’t as positive as this. My response was “geez, finally” since I’ve been fluttering .5-1 pound above my goal weight for the past 3 weeks. I ran a few models and realized that even though I reached my goal, I was still disappointed about having excess skin on my belly and thighs. But of course I still have excess skin – I just lost 40 lbs in a little over 4 months! My F line is now Proud. I’m super proud of reaching this goal and I feel great about how I look and feel.

Tomorrow I head out on vacation to Florida and will very proudly wear my first bikini ever. I NEVER thought I’d wear a bikini.

And when I get back I’ll start my next big goal: becoming a life coach. I just got my acceptance email from Jody 🙂

Brooke & Team – Thanks for all the amazing teaching. This is changing my life!