Goal weight: done, now let’s move on (NP)

I joined in October to work on my work and time management. I began with weight loss as it seems to be easier to begin with (for me), and to work on my brain. So I began obese with 1m71 and 92 kg (not my highest), size 16/18 and my target was mid normal range BMI 65 kg (so 60 pounds less than in October, and probably my high school weight 30 years ago) by July 7th (big family gathering). And here I am since yesterday, the scale is showing 65,5 kg, and my clothes are size 8. Now I want to go to 60 kg and size 6, but as a secondary goal. It’s time for me to switch to my original work goal, and that terrifies me. I can feel my heart pounding, my eyes watering, and my gums itching (yes, that’s what terror feels like for me…). I am not going anywhere, I stay here with my terror and with my fellow scholars. Because I have some work to do on this brain of mine.