Goals and being good enough now

Hi coaches! I am going through this month’s exercises and came across a lot of resistance around my goals. I am not sure if this is because of the normal chatter/resistance that comes up when we set goals outside of our comfort zone; or, if it’s coming from the fact that the goal itself is generated from a sense of unworthiness, fear, and the need to achieve the result. I want to set a goal but I think there’s still an underlying belief that failure is not neutral.

To be more specific, let’s say my goal is to implement a new initiative at work. I have unintentional thoughts that I need to prove myself and show my co-workers that I’m qualified for the job, which causes feelings of insecure, actions of spinning and rushing, and the result of not feeling worthy at the job. In the intentional model, I’ve tried thoughts like “I can do this” “I am learning how to do this” “This is part of the process and it’s perfect” but they all seem to generate bring up secondary thoughts around being not good enough NOW (e.g. I am learning how do to this but right now, I’m failing…” Any suggestions on how to create a goal but have an intentional model from a place of worthiness and feeling complete without the goal?
thank you!