Going all in & still failing

Hi Brooke,

God I’m really stewing on this right now.

What if I go all in on my goal of starting an online coaching business – I believe 100% it will happen and take actions from that belief – and still fail (lose all my money)? I can’t come to a way that this possibility isn’t true (isn’t possible), and knowing it’s true/possible is keeping it SO hard to start believing, which is keeping it near impossible to take action. I know I can choose how I feel if/when I fail, but I would still be out of a whole ton of money, which I cannot imagine feeling good about and more importantly, it’s money I could use/need. I want to believe if I go all in, manage my mind, stick with it long enough, and do my own work, it will all work out. I want to obliterate the other negative thought I’m having (that I could still fail and lose all my money) and never have to deal with it again. What steps should I take? I’m doing models, they never seem to make me believe otherwise, it just sort of feels like a nice thing to do for myself. Am I doing this wrong?