Golf – Dare of The Week

I love to golf, but my index is 20. To me, I have always felt that this is too high to golf with random people, so I am very strategic when I am booking rounds to either golf with people I know or in non prime times so I know people will not book in, or if they did, cancel. This weekend, my husband booked a round in prime time, we had a spot open and it filled with a man…This caused me anxiety, but I decided this was the perfect dare…and I golfed…I dreaded that I would totally blow up and play terribly and that this guy would be thinking that I’m terrible…And I did have a couple very challenging holes, and I just breathed and I REALLY thought about and felt how uncomfortable I was and I kept going…And who knows, he might have thought I was terrible and it didn’t bother me at all. I thought I was AMAZING!!!! And I am ready for anyone to join me golfing…no more avoiding prime time!!!
Thanks for the June work Brooke!!