Good Food vs. Bad Food

Ever since I went Paleo in a previous life, I can’t seem to shake the belief that there are good and bad foods. And because of this belief, whenever I eat anything that is ‘not clean’ I punish myself. Mostly by restricting and binging. I can’t seem to shake this belief.
C:Gluten, Sugar
T:These are bad foods and should be avoided
A:Binge on these foods
R:At these amounts these food are bad

My problem with my models is I feel like my intentional thoughts are not impactful or based on shaming.
T:Food is not good or bad, it’s just my thoughts
T:If I check in with my body, I likely wouldn’t want these foods anyway.
T:Gluten free isn’t worry free
T:Any food is ok if the body really needs it. (But why would the body ever need processed food??)